PLUMEN BULB LOOP from Plumen on Vimeo.

The PLUMEN 001 is the world’s first designer energy saving light bulb, and it's arriving to MUNDANO.

Already winner of one of the world's most prestigious design competitions is a sculpted, low-energy light bulb created by a British designer and praised for bringing "a measure of delight to an everyday product".

The energy saving light bulb is a neglected, yet inspiring invention. It uses 80% less energy than the traditional incandescent light bulb, keeps down electricity bills and is better for the environment. It also lasts around 8 times longer. Despite this, we tend to buy them out of moral obligation. To some the problem is the light they give off, to others it is the way they look. Both can be solved. We believe the answer is in the design.

Make the bulb attractive and people will spend a bit more and enjoy a better quality of light and a design they appreciate every day. Glass tubes can be bent is many different shapes so why are there thousands of manufacturers but only three designs? Plumen aims to address the problem.

The name comes from ‘plume’ – a bird’s show feather, designed to attract attention to a bird’s prowess and beauty. We believe our designs do the same for the energy saving light bulb, as you can see from our public FlickR

Plumen 001
Concept & Design Direction: HULGER
Design: Samuel Wilkinson


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