Artecnica_New Season!

Estão a chegar as novidades da Artecnica!!

Dark Without Light

Estes são alguns dos candeeiros que estão a caminho!
A colecção chama-se Bright Side of Lights e é composta por 3 modelos diferentes, todos em vidro.

Bright Side of Life

In the Right Light

Bright Side Lights_collection

Designed by New York-based trio Rich Brilliant Willing, Bright Side Lights personifies a message of optimism through design and function. The cast glass pendants are durable, recyclable, and can be used as a hanging pendant lamp, or laid on their sides as a table lamp. The Bright Side molds are cut directly from virtual models and are a striking modern form realized by an ancient medium of glass work. Different messages are debossed on each lamp, which perfectly sum up the vision, purpose, and design of each light, that “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”


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