Escentric Molecules

Molecule 01

O mundo dos perfumes sempre foi de dar a volta à cabeça.
Agora, ele próprio foi virado do avesso!
O desafio é o seguinte: duas essências lançadas simultâneamente, contendo as duas um único ingrediente, um aroma feito em laboratório. Isto acrescenta um "frisson" revolucionário à "Escentric Story" e pode parecer simples, mas nunca foi feito antes!

Ao longo dos últimos 3 anos a Escentric Molecules tem vindo a tornar-se a nível mundial, na fragância de culto favorita.

Todos os perfumes podem ser usados por homem e senhora.


Molecule 01

About: Molecule 01 contains only Iso E Super, which on its own is less of an aroma, more an effect. A subtle velvetly woody note vanishes then re-appears after some time. The wearer will notice the impact of the fragrance on other people - Molecule 01 lends radiance to the wearer, giving a pheromonic effect.

Escentric 01

About: The first scent, Escentric 01, is packed full of the aroma chemical Iso E Super and is blended with pink pepper, lime peel and orris incense in a new balance. Moving away from the traditional fragrance formula of top, heart and base notes, Escentric 01 moves quickly from top to bottom and lingers on the base note.

Molecule 02

About: Molecule 02 is based on ambroxan, a nature-identical aroma-molecule. Real ambroxan is found in ambergris, but the stratospheric cost of its extraction makes it prohibitive for use in fragrances. Ambergris itself is one of the few natural animalic fragrance ingredients that has no connotations of cruelty because it is produced and excreted by the sperm whale. It can float on the ocean for years evolving under the influence of sun and salt water. Then it is collected when it washes up on shore, by which stage its distinctive nutty, warm scent is a symphony of boronal, ambrinol, dihydro ionone gamma - and its the best - smelling aromatic part, ambroxan.
Wear Molecule 02 and you will notice a fresh, almost mineral smoothness which subtly expands to envelop you.

Escentric 02

About: Escentric 02 uses an unparalleled concentration of ambroxan, in combination with vetiver and muscone, a particularly gorgeous nature-identical musk. Orris, elderflower extract and hedione lead into the instant effervescence of the topnote, again, a fresh “mineral” effect. Schoen free-associates: “Gin and tonic, a hint of an Austrian lemonade called almdudler, the whiff that you get when you first open a brand-new Apple laptop…” It’s a clear, clean scent, but it dries down to something warm, sexy and elusive. If the Escentric Molecules repertoire has a hint of paradox at its heart, you might say, in this case, that Escentric 02 has a haunting sparkle.

Um dos objectivos de Geza Schoen, o nariz da marca, quando criou a Escentric Molecules era "inverter" os valores da indústria dos perfumes, que até aqui, dão geralmente mais ênfase à embalagem do que ao produto. Para concretizar este objectivo, contou entre outros, com a ajuda dos MeCompany, que criaram o pioneiro mundo gráfico da Bjork.

Têm de vir experimentá-los na nossa loja!


Blogger José Júpiter & José Carlos Duarte said...

Andar por aí, borrifado de "Molecule 01", é uma experiência nova e magnífica. Nem a quantidade absurda de idiotas que tenho de aturar diariamente me chateia hoje.
Obrigado Mundanos. :)


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