new tranSglass models

Chegaram finalmente os novos modelos da tranSglass, para a ARTECNICA, desenhados por TORD BOONTJE e Emma Woffenden.

Tord says: "tranSglass is a collaboration with Emma Woffenden, my partner. She is an artist who works a lot with glass and has a studio full of machines for cutting and grinding. By using old bottles, we had the advantage of being able to make a collection of glassware without having to invest in blowing moulds. We like to use what we have by being resourceful. Later when we showed tranSlass at the 100% Design exhibition and started to receive many orders, we bought a new diamond grinder so that we could make them quicker, but tranSglass is always made from used bottles. I think a positive attitude towards recycling is very important, because this is part of reality as well."


Blogger José Júpiter said...

Tanto silêncio... Se não vos conhecesse diria que as férias chegaram.

Muito trabalhinho portanto. Abraços, muitos.

Estes cacos de vidro do Tord são lindos, como sempre.



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