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Design With Conscience

Enchant, inspire and transform applies not only to the products created by Artecnica, but also a world view. In 2002 Artecnica founded Design With Conscience, a program for Artecnica to manufacture and produce products in accordance with humanitarian and environmentally
friendly principles. Artecnica has invited talented designers of international fame to contribute new ideas to an everexpanding design collection and to team them with artisans in need around the world, invigorating commerce and assisting surrounding communities.

Design by Tord Boontje
Project Come Rain Come Shine chandelier
As we are being escorted by Maria Real (better known as Tete) along with Tord on our way to the women’s cooperative of the favela of Rochinha, we pause to watch barefoot street kids dribbling a soccer ball made of rags among aheavily armed police platoon while loud firecrackers announce the arrival of the latest drug stash.

Design by - Hella Jongerius
Project Beads & Pieces beaded ceramics
Design master Hella is at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair intensely brainstorming over the improvements to perfect her latest design “Bowl large” when she relinquishes control and asks the artisans of Peru to add one of their designs to her ceramic floral bouquet.


Anonymous Anónimo said...

WoW lovely!

Anonymous Anónimo said...

lovely é pouco!

é mesmo fantástico, nunca tinha visto uma coisa assim.
as peças da Hella são tão lindas.


Blogger mundano said...

pois são! esperem até as ver ao vivo!

Anonymous Anónimo said...

quanto custa?


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